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No time for love, Dr. Jones

August 25, 2005

As usual, the promises to myself to be better about posting have not worked, but you know what, I just don’t care … so there! But MB told me to make with the blog, and I happened to have e-mailed a post to myself from work Tuesday night, so I’ll stop being lazy and post it.

I promised the story of Rusty’s last trip to the vet almost a month ago, and here it is.

Rusty had puked every day for almost a week, and he was doing this weird fake leg-lifting on the tree but not peeing thing (he wasn’t not peeing all the time so I didn’t know what to make of it), and he needed a new kennel cough vaccination, so we drove up to BG for a visit with Dr. Jones.

Well, eventually we went back to the examining room (there’s always a bit of a wait), and Dr. Jones asked me what exactly was going on, and I told him the “symptoms” and also that Dave was out of town and that Rusty hadn’t been eating as much as usual. Blah blah blah. Next thing I know, Dr. Jones has a rubber glove on and is getting out some gel and then, AND THEN, he stuck his finger up my dog’s ass!

Rusty did not take too kindly to this, and it took two assistants to hold him while Dr. Jones finished checking him out. And then, AND THEN, Rusty squatted and took a shit right there in the examining room. I was mortified! I said, “Oh Rusty” in an embarrassed voice, and Dr. Jones said, “Oh, that’s to be expected. I stimulated him.”

Well, if you’re OK with it, I guess I am too. But please don’t ever talk about stimulating my dog again, OK?

So, he says Rusty’s prostate is slightly enlarged, which is odd since he’s not even 2 years old, and that I should keep an eye on him, see if he gets better after Dave gets back, and go from there. Then it’s time for the vaccination, which gets sprayed up the nose. Dr. Jones starts heading for Rusty, who is leaning against my leg. As Dr. Jones gets closer, Rusty starts scooting his butt around behind me so Dr. Jones can’t get at it again. If I hadn’t felt so bad for him, I would have laughed my fool head off. But I laughed and laughed later, so don’t think I’m all nice and shit!

So he got his vaccine, we got some anti-nausea pills for him, paid and headed home. It was a very long day for both of us.

Next time: The 10-Year High School Reunion.


Early to BG, and don’t be a jerk

October 8, 2004

Hey look everyone, I’m awake before noon! I’ve actually been up since 8 a.m., can you believe it? We took Rusty to the vet to get his distemper and bordatella (sp?) vaccines bright and early…blech! We also ordered tickets to the keith urban concert in Columbus next month! Woo-hoo! I bought his second album earlier this week, and I must say, I like it an awful lot. I’m listening to it now, in fact.

I also took a second jewelry-making class with Joy last night. We made earrings this time, and it was pretty fun, despite the complete bitch that sat next to me. I asked her to switch seats so I could sit across from Joy so that Joy and I could share a bead tray, and you would have thought I’d asked the lady to leave or if I could kick her cat or something. Geez, all you have to do is stand up, take three steps to the left and sit down again. Is it really that big of a deal?

Speaking of bitches, I read MB’s blog a little bit ago, and I just can’t believe what a bunch of idiots there are in the world. People are apparently sending her nasty e-mails telling her they’re tired of reading about her being pregnant and pregnancy-related things. Um, it’s her blog! And generally when you have a blog where you write about your life and you get pregnant, since that’s a part of you life, you’re going to write about it! I write about the stupid animals a lot, and if you don’t like it, then go away. It’s that simple. So, MB, you rock on and write about SupaMojo/The Beaner and tell those jerks where they can go. People are just assholes!

On that note, I’m going to go play Mah Jong. Keep an eye on the Web site for a new page I’m hoping to add soon: Things I found in my flower beds. It might be interesting or it might be stupid. We’ll see.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s disgusted that Rusty threw up in the car on the way home from the vet.

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Stick around for the Mojo

May 4, 2004

Well, we signed our lease Friday. A nice little two-story house here in town. Street seems quiet, we’re near a park, and there’s a bit of a yard for the puppy. Inside, stairs for the cats to race up and down on, nooks to hide in, and a pantry in the kitchen for Baby Cat to perch upon. I think we’ll be happy, even though there’s only one bathroom.

Not much else going on. I’m distraught over the end of “Friends,” so we went and bought season 1 on DVD. Oh man, did I ever laugh my ass off Saturday night. Actually, the reason I wanted to get it is because Dave’s grandma is very sick, and I wanted something to take his mind off that for at least a little while. He needed laughs.

It’s too freaking cold for May, let me tell you. When you can see your breath at night, it’s just not right.

Oh, we took Fat Mojo to the vet last week, and Dr. Jones couldn’t find anything wrong. He checked both front legs and said he didn’t feel anything out of sorts. So, he put Mojo on the floor to watch him walk, but all Mojo did was almost hide in the trash can, low walk, and try to get back in his cage. Low walking, in case you’re wondering, is when he crouches down and runs. It’s pretty amusing. Anyway, with the low walking, Dr. Jones couldn’t see him limp of course, so the Mojo got a cortisone shot, and seems to be all better, so who knows what his deal was. He did let me know how displeased he was about the whole trip when we got home though. He yowled at me for a while and then punished me by going in another room to sleep. Mean, isn’t he?

*BURN UPDATE* It wonders what all the fuss is about over the puppy.


April 23, 2004

Oh man, I wish I could tell you what I did Wednesday. It’s a secret though, and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tell yet. If the curiosity starts to kill you before I can tell, too bad! I will tell you it’s work-related, but that’s all you’ll get from me, for now. And that I’m proud to have been a part of it.

As a treat, and totally unrelated to what I did Wednesday, I’m taking Friday off from work. Major excitement, I know. We’re going to go look at some rentals and then go celebrate our friend Rob’s 30th birthday. I’ll probably do some dishes or something too, to add to the excitement.

You know, Mr. Haus turns 30 in July and I’m trying to figure out what to do for that. Any ideas would be appreciated (I mean party-wise, for all you gutter brains).

Talked to Kim today, and realized that I cannot have kids. I worry enough about my sister, and I can’t imagine the worry involved with a child. I think I should just have lots and lots of cats.

Speaking of cats, I don’t think I ever mentioned some fabulous books I read a couple months ago. Or did I? Well, I’m telling now, so if I’m repeating myself, sorry. Cat people should absolutely read “The Cat Who Went to Paris,” “A Cat Abroad” and “The Cat Who’ll Live Forever” by Peter Gethers. (Yes Gethers, not Gathers) Even dog people would probably enjoy them. This cat is amazing! I cannot tell you how wonderful they are. You will laugh out loud, and if you have cats, you’ll probably find yourself thinking “That’s just like the time …” Oh, and you’ll want some tissues for “The Cat Who’ll Live Forever.” Luckily I was reading it around 4 a.m. and Dave was asleep so I could bawl my eyes out without being embarrassed. Yeah, that pretty much gives things away, but you should be more prepared than I was.

And also, speaking of cats, we think the Fat Mojo may have a touch of arthritis. He’s been gimping around the last few days, and at first we thought it was his paw, but after poking at him and trying to inspect the suspect paw, we think it’s his shoulder. He never made a sound when I was messing with his paw, so I don’t think it’s hurt. I really don’t want to call the vet, but I know I should. We’ve had that cat to Dr. Jones way too many times. Thank goodness Sugar never gets sick!

*BURN UPDATE* It hates the rain.

Sucky Thursday

February 9, 2004

I would like to apologize to Meijer for saying mean things about them. They still make their lotion tissues, and I stocked up last week.

Now, anybody who had a suck-ass Thursday raise your hand (or just a finger if it was really bad). We had a really bad Thursday, so I am currently flipping that day the bird. It started when I got home from work and saw Fat Mojo sprawled out on his back, presenting the belly. In and of itself, that’s not a bad thing; it was the bare patch around his little Mojo nipple with the mole-like spots that was bad. We poked and prodded the belly, trying to feel if these spots were raised and trying to decide whether we should be worried. We decided they weren’t really raised and that maybe we should worry a little.

So, after three hours of sleep, I got up and called Dr. Jones (the veterinarian, not the archaeologist) and got an appointment for 9:30 that morning. Took the fat cat up to Bowling Green, and Dr. Jones decided to do a biopsy just to be safe. I left the fat cat with the doctor, promising said fat cat that I would be back to get him that night. When I got home I was going to try and nap, but that didn’t really happen. I think I dozed off and on for about an hour.

I was supposed to pick Mojo up between 7:30-8:30 p.m., and Dave gets home at 8, so I was going to leave a bit before 7 so we’d get home around the same time. Well, Dave got home at 6, and when I said “What the hell are you doing home?” he said “I just got in a car accident.”

Nobody got hurt, don’t worry, but the front of the car is smushed in a bit. I don’t feel like getting into all the details, but we’ll just say it involved an old lady who kept slowing down in the left lane and the guy behind her (not Dave) who was riding her ass and was just shy of a DUI.

So, about an hour later, after Dave had calmed down, we headed out for BG. It had started snowing at some point, and the interstate was a mess. We finally made it to Dr. Jones’, got Fat Mojo, wrote out a big-ass check, and headed home. The interstate was even worse, so I wasn’t going too fast. We got about halfway home, maybe 2/3 of the way there, and I saw a knot of traffic up ahead, so I started slowing down.

One car went flying by me on the left, and then a second car went flying by. As they got up to the little knot of traffic, the second driver realized that the first driver wasn’t going as fast as him, so he slammed on his brakes. On the icy road. Do you see where I’m going with this?

As soon as I saw those brake lights, I said to Dave “Oh shit, this is gonna be bad!” Car 2 swung to the left, then swung to the right, into my lane, in front of a semi so I couldn’t see what was going on. Then it swung back into the left lane, fishtailed a couple of times, and then slid into the median. I cannot express to you how scared I was.

We made it down the interstate – seeing a semi upright but jackknifed on the side of the road and a car in a deep ditch (well, not really seeing the car, just the headlights pointing up and towards us) – with no other near misses.

When we got home we discovered that Fat Mojo was still messed up from the anesthetic, which is funny now but was disturbing at the time. He didn’t have total control of his back legs, so he was kind of stumbling all over. It was like he didn’t know where he was. Dave had to help Mojo into the litter box, and at one point Mojo wandered into the bathroom and just stood there in the doorway. Mojo also managed to get behind the entertainment center and the washer and dryer. He seemed to want to eat, but I didn’t know if it would make him sick, so I was all worried about that.

We may get the biopsy results as soon as Monday, but most likely Tuesday, so I’ll keep you posted.

I know it probably doesn’t sound like Thursday was that awful, but it was. It just was.

On a completely different topic, I just want to say that as much as the governor sucks ass, Ohio is still a good state. There are several issues knocking around in my brain – state-oriented and otherwise – but I just don’t feel like getting political right now. Sorry.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s trying to recruit the scar on my left ring finger.

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